The Clapton Beauty Parour story begins in the 1930 in the east end of London England…


Our Story

"Since 1930 in the east end of London England…"





1.   The Business was opened in March 1930 by newly-married 20 year olds, Jean and Emanuel MANNING.   The annual rent was £84.  They called the Salon the CLAPTON BEAUTY PARLOUR.   Situated at 21 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton,  E.5,  Jean and Emanuel lived above the shop.  There was no bathroom, and baths would be taken at the local Public Bath-House, along the road, at Hackney Baths.


2.   At the end of the week, they were often short of money to pay Wages, and Jean’s parents repeatedly loaned them money to tie them over.  Her mother, Pearl, would pawn her rings and retrieve them from the Pawn-Brokers when Jean and Emanuel could pay them back.


3.   At the outbreak of war, Emanuel volunteered for the Fire Service.   As he could drive (unusual at that time), he was nominated by his ‘Gang’ to be the Fire Engine DRIVER and he was allocated the engine appliance with the Turntable Ladder.


4.   During the bombing, he was injured while jumping from the roof of a burning building – Smiths Paints – on the corner of Whitechapel Road and Cambridge Heath Road.  After his recovery he was placed on the HOME GUARD in Victoria Park, and had to close the Salon.


5.   At this time he was approached by VIDAL SASSOON, a young, aspiring 15 year old Hairdresser, who asked if he might use the Salon premises for his few clients, while his own workplace, Adolf Cohen in Whitechapel Road, was being re-built, having been bombed out.  This was agreed.  Emanuel gave Vidal the salon keys, told him he could use all the products, but to leave the Salon clean and secure each night.


6.   In 1951 Jean & Emanuel’s son, Gerald MANNING, won the prestigeous Hairdressing Competition known as the Surrey Cup, beating Harold LEIGHTON, who later became the creator of the famous DENMAN brush.  In the same year, one of the Salon’s apprentices, Miss Shirley COLLINS, won the APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR  Competition.


7.   These two achievements subsequently ensured the Salon’s successful reputation and during the fifties, Barbara Windsor, The Beverly Sisters and Helene Cordet, were among the famous clients who frequented the Salon.  On one occasion, Barbara Windsor brought her Toy Poodle into the Salon and it wet the floor.  Emanuel asked her to please clear it up, but she refused, so he asked her to leave.


8.   In 1977, during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the ‘Hackney Gazette’ staged a ‘Best Shop Window’ Contest, with the prizes to be presented by MONTY MODLYN.  The Capton Beauty Parlour won 2nd Prize  and received a Bottle of Champagne from Mr. MODLYN. 


9.   Gerald opened his own salon, and on the death of Jean & Emanuel, their daughter Marcia, although not a Hairdresser, took over the running of the Salon, which continues to this day in the capable hands of Dawn Hammond, who started work there as a Shampooist aged 15




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" Clapton Beauty Parlour. The classy establishment where I get my hair cut. Vidal Sasoon brought some of his clients here when he first started out.

It’s the oldest hairdressers in Hackney"

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I absolutely love this hairdressers, I used to go here as a child and have continued to go as an adult. The staff are so friendly and warm and very understanding of what you want your hair to be like. I have now taken my 8 year old daughter to this amazing place to get her Afro carribean hair cut, it was cut and straightened so beautifully and her hair was oiled to make her hair look and feel so beautiful. Mine and my daughters hair was done by the amazing Larissa who gave me tips on how to managed my frizzy mixed race hair and my daughters hair too. I will definitely be going back again! It is not easy to find a hairdressers who do all types of hair and at an afforadable rate too.




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